Food Drive May 5, 2020

During this period of school and work closures, more families than ever before are in need of the Vaughan Food Bank’s services. Pre – Covid-19 the Vaughan Food Bank would support 200 families per month with a 10-day supply of food. In the first three weeks of the closures due to Covid-19, 1,000 families have lined up to receive pre-packed boxes outside of the Vaughan Food Bank’s doors. Unfortunately, the number of families requiring support are consistently increasing.

As a response to this critical situation, school communities across the York Catholic District School Board are coming together to support our neighbours in need. Collection bins will be placed at the front doors of neighbouring schools and monitored by school cameras for safety purposes.

 Families who wish to participate are encouraged take a walk to their closest school and place a bag of food and/or personal hygiene items in the Food Bank Bins. While maintaining and respecting SOCIAL DISTANCING.

When: Tuesday, May 5th, 2020      Time: Approximately 10 am – 7 pm

Neighbouring School Food Drive Drop Off:  St. Agnes of Assisi, St. Veronica, St Emily, St Mary of the Angels, Guardian Angels

Kindly note that all bines will be held in a 5-day quarantine by the Vaughan Food Bank prior to being handled by their volunteers. 

Items Requested:     Canned or dry food items i.e. Canned Fruit, Vegetables, Beans,                                            Rice, Cereal , Soap, Shampoo
Items Not Required:     Bay Food and Pasta as these items have been donated in                                                       bulk by various food producers

A heartfelt thank you for your generousity and support.