Living Rosary / Catholic Education Week

Next week is Catholic Education Week in Ontario – a time to celebrate the best of and to be thankful for the gift of Catholic Education in our province. This year’s Catholic Education Week theme is Igniting Hope; especially appropriate given the current COVID-19 pandemic. Albeit in a different way, SAA  will acknowledge this annual event with the support of our resilient community and show that, as Easter people, we are ignited by the Holy Spirit. 

As we begin Catholic Education week we would like to come together as a community with a ‘distance learning’ devotion to our Heavenly Mother – our staff, students and families representing each bead in the rosary

How do our families who wish to participate in this devotion get involved? 

Please note that participation in this activity is completely voluntary. 

Please find attached a template families may use to create rosary beads. Alternately, students and their families can create beads from materials at home (i.e., cardboard, bristol board, etc). The beads may include pictures, scripture, or inspirational messages based on the ‘Igniting Hope’ theme. Resources for your consideration have been provided in this letter. 

Once the beads are completed, parents can take a photo of their child(ren) holding the rosary bead or include the whole family in the photo. The family has always been a symbol of hope, representing faith, strength and support. Photos can be emailed to your child’s teacher via the Google Classroom, alternatively photos can be emailed to Each photo (rosary bead) will be put together in a video slideshow.  As the rosary contains 50 rosary beads, each one representing a Hail Mary, we are hoping to receive at least 50 submissions from our community. 

The video will be shared with our school community via School Messenger and social media (kindly note this if you choose to participate in this project by sharing a photo with us). Hope means that we expect better – we know that better days are coming because they have been promised to us by our God. This video slideshow will come to represent our community’s hope, love, strength and resiliency. 

We ask that all photos be shared by 3pm on Thursday May 7, 2020.

We hope this project helps to lift the spirits of our students and school community. 

In addition, we are providing you a link to our May Liturgy that we would have shared as part of our monthly liturgies in our school gym. You may wish to view it as a family. A sincere thank you to Ms Aquino for sharing. May Liturgy Link 

Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher through Google Classroom or alternatively feel free to email me at

Resources for your consideration: 

  1. Template – Rosary Bead Option 1  
  2. Template – Rosary Bead Option