Grade 1-3 Class Placements


We are excited to welcome our grade 1-3 students tomorrow Thursday September 10th, 2020. Upon arrival staff will meet families and share class placements. 

Primary Entry

  • Parents are asked to accompany their children to the play ground adjacent to the Kindergarten Gated Play Area where staff will meet families.
  • Parents and caregivers are asked to leave the area after dropping off children 
  • All parents/caregivers coming to the school are asked to respect social distancing while on school property; please do not congregate at the doors, yard or gate
  • Beginning September 11 students will enter the building from the front doors upon arrival. We ask that if at all possible students arrive as close to 9am as possible. 

Primary Dismissal

  • Students in Grade 1-3 will begin dismissal at 3:30pm
  • Grade 1-3 Students will be dismissed only to a parent or caregiver. There is no free dismissal for students in the primary division. 
  • Kindly maintain physical distance from others and if social distancing is not possible please wear a mask.
  • Younger students who are meeting older siblings will remain with their teachers until the older sibling is dismissed
  • Students who ride the bus home will be escorted to the front of the school

Kindly note that class lists have been finalized and that changes will not be possible. We thank you for your understanding as the school team has spent much time creating placements that enrich the learning of students. Please reach out to the classroom teacher with any concerns, although we cannot change the placement we can address concerns and work collaboratively with you.