Catholic School Council

The Catholic School Council is an advisory body whose mission is to enhance the education of our children in a faith-centered environment in partnership with the school, parish, community and home.

The purpose of the Catholic School Council is to help improve student achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents. Catholic School Councils are advisory organizations and the primary means of achieving their purpose is by making recommendations to the Principal of the school and to the School Board.

Our Council consists of up to twenty-one parent representatives and we hope you’ll participate! Meetings are held approximately six times per year, on a Thursday evening at 7pm with additional committee involvement strictly voluntary. It is important for all members to participate for the full year. The meetings are open to all parents of St. Agnes of Assisi Catholic Elementary School.



  • Chair:                     Josie Ippolito
  • Vice Chair             Jenny Volpentesta
  • Treasurer              Madeleine Penteado
  • Secretary               Danielle Catinari

Parent Representatives   

  • Bernard Campangna
  • Daniela Condello
  • Luciana Pecchia          
  • Diana Savelli 
  • Nadia Savelli
  • Sara Figliomeni 
  • Cristina Di Cristofaro

Ontario Association for Catholic Parents in Education:  Sara Figliomeni